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"Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness."
‭‭- Colossians‬ ‭2‬:‭7‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Sidetracked to Surrender


A tragedy sidetracks Donna, setting up a series of difficulties. How will she find her way, and how will she get help?

This powerful true story begins with Donna, at seventeen, excited for life after graduation with her best friend at her side until an accident changed her life forever. The resulting hopelessness led to rash, imprisoning decisions she later regretted.

Although encountering the love of God rescues her soul, she faces devastating circumstances involving those close to her. You will find yourself engrossed in this gripping page-turner as Donna, without sugar-coating platitudes, faces gut-wrenching hardships—time after time. You will also cheer her on when God puts her back on her feet just when most in her circumstances would give up. Throughout her journey, Donna more deeply embraces the power of God’s love, which enables her to choose openhanded surrender and find peace— despite the storms. He transforms her into a radiant example of His redemption exuding resilience and joy.

Roger Shipman
Editor-in-Chief, Reify Press

"Honest. Courageous. A gritty tale of the grace of God, well told."

Missy Maxwell Worton,
Award-Winning Author

"A powerful page-turner! One moment I had tears streaming down my face; the next moment I
was in complete awe at what God had done."

Pastor Jerry Bryant, Worship City Alliance, Nashville, Tennessee

“Seldom has a story so captured my heart…God has enabled Donna to share her difficult but redemptive and beautiful discovery of His love and grace.”


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Donna Bess is the author of Sidetracked to Surrender.

Debut author Donna Bess, a follower of Jesus Christ, has worked in healthcare for more than 25 years after her life took a life-altering turn. Today, she radiates the peace and wisdom of surrender, empowering women to break through trauma so that they can live their divine destinies. Donna, an avid reader, mother to three adult children and grandmother to four resides outside of Nashville, Tennessee.


Excerpts from Sidetracked to Surrender

“Shaking my head to stop the spinning motion in my brain, I saw Judy’s head lying in my lap. AsI looked, I saw her eyes roll back and then close. “Judy,” I screamed as I shook her. No response! A louder, more desperate tone with a harder shake, as if trying to jar her from

a deep sleep, “Judy!” No response.”

Page 11

“Driving to freedom from the darkness swallowing me, I reassured myself that the children
would be okay. They’re young; they will move on. My parents will make sure they are well cared for. I don’t need to worry about them. I can’t handle this life. James only thinks of himself, and I am drowning. As I drove, I thought of the freedom just ahead. The overpass was nearing. I could die without anyone else being hurt.”

Page 81

He began to move toward me with a vicious sneer on his face. I jumped into the car, slammed the door shut, and shoved the car into reverse. Our driveway was a long curve, but one I had mastered over the years, thankfully. Now, I was in fight or flight mode, my heart was pounding out of my chest, and my ears were ringing.  I backed up quickly, and he jumped on the hood of my car and started pounding it with his fists, yelling, “Get back in the house.” 

Page 268

Press Kit


Author of "Sidetracked to Surrender."

Death and betrayal leads to the breaking point when faith is lost and chaos has won. Shame and guilt are constant companions. The voice of God awakens Donna to hope. But there is a cost. Will she grab hold and find her divine destiny?

"A Living Epistle" in the October 2023 issue of As For Me and My Family, a magazine.

"Finding My Way" in the September 2022 issue of As For Me and My Family, a magazine.

Color Speak podcast. Season 2, Episode 26

"Don't Be Sidelined By Trauma" with Donna Bess.

"Have You Ever Been Sidetracked by God?" on the Iconic Women Podcast August 7, 2023.


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